Affinity Pasteys


A new and original, ultra-effective, nutritious paste bait with the convenience of conventional Boilies.

Available in either 2.5kg or 5kg bags
Size options are 12mm, 15mm and 18mm

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All the goodness of Affinity base mix paste complete with hydrolysed liquids, encapsulated in a water permeable skin which allows the water-soluble ingredients to escape, retaining the high leakage advantage of paste. Increased maximum attraction in your swim with minimum amount of food means your hook bait is going to get picked up sooner.

Using less product also means better value for money! But unlike conventional paste baits, the insoluble ingredient elements remain trapped behind the skin unable to pass. Just where you want them, attached to the hair ready to be ingested. When ingested and crushed with the Pharyngeal teeth, the whole oral cavity is filled with particulate. Paste also has the advantage of being easier to digest meaning it passes through the intestine quickly and nutrient absorption is improved.


To get the best out of your bait and keep it in prime condition for extended periods we strongly recommend following the instructions below.

Our commitment to quality means your Bait is freshly rolled to fulfil your order, we do not supply you with bait that has already sat in a freezer for 6 months. It will arrive ready to use, in a “stabilised” condition. The naturally occurring preservatives and anti-oxidants will keep your bait fresh for up to two weeks after delivery. Either place in freezer as soon after delivery as possible or thoroughly “Air dry”. Transfer from packaging into Air-Dry bag or tray. Store in a dry environment, out of direct sunlight.

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12mm, 15mm, 18mm


2.5kg, 5kg

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