THC Boilies


What Carp doesn’t like the Tigernut, Hemp and Corn combination? Are you on THC yet?

Available in 2.5kg and 5kg bags. 12mm,15mm and 18mm with button available in 2.5kg bags in either 15mm or 18mm.

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What else could it stand for but Tigernut, Hemp, and Corn! A classic combination that has snared literally thousands of fish. We were going to call this bait “A-maizing” but we considered that to be just too corny. The rich golden colour comes from a combination of Supergold60 maize protein, tigernut and hemp protein which of course has received the protease treatment. We are not going to tell you all that is in it, but the sickly-sweet sugars from the tigernut extract (Horchata) complete with digestive enzymes (lipase, catalase, amylase) combined with CSL and yeast create a very active bait forcing attractors out of the bait into the water column.


To get the best out of your bait and keep it in prime condition for extended periods we strongly recommend following the instructions below:

Our commitment to quality means your Bait is freshly rolled to fulfil your order, we do not supply you with bait that has already sat in a freezer for 6 months. It will arrive ready to use, in a “stabilised” condition. The naturally occurring preservatives and anti-oxidants will keep your bait fresh for up to two weeks after delivery. Either place in freezer as soon after delivery as possible or thoroughly “Air dry”. Transfer from packaging into Air-Dry bag or tray. Store in a dry environment, out of direct sunlight.

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12mm, 15mm, 18mm


2.5kg, 5kg


Sphere, Button

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