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Def: a liking for or an attraction to something. a measure of the degree of interaction between two molecules.

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How do you make a Carp bait more attractive? Fill it with more of what they like and take away what they find deterrent.

Affinity has an amazingly stimulatory Amino acid profile. High in protein, naturally. It contains all our expertise and although a close-run thing, we would consider it our flagship boilie. Being packed full of alternative fishmeal, milk proteins and wheatgerm amongst others, added to the fact there are no over volatile chemical “flavours” make it a food source that is readily accepted as natural, extremely palatable and incredibly digestible, combined of course with our in house produced base mix hydrolysate (take this into consideration and it takes nearly a kilo and a half to produce each kilo of bait) AND the amazing L zero30(T) mean that it is also highly detectable with a soluble attractor profile that will make the nares of any Carp twitch.


To get the best out of your bait and keep it in prime condition for extended periods we strongly recommend following the instructions below:

Our commitment to quality means your Bait is freshly rolled to fulfil your order, we do not supply you with bait that has already sat in a freezer for 6 months. It will arrive ready to use, in a “stabilised” condition. The naturally occurring preservatives and anti-oxidants will keep your bait fresh for up to two weeks after delivery. Either place in freezer as soon after delivery as possible or thoroughly “Air dry”. Transfer from packaging into Air-Dry bag or tray. Store in a dry environment, out of direct sunlight.

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