About Aquatik Baits & Feeds

It’s what’s inside that counts.

Our goal at Aquatik is to produce and supply THE most effective, premium quality baits available by using our life-long interest in nutrition, passion for angling, and Marine Biology background with unique access to untold resources including some of the most “fishy brains” in the country.

While many will advocate a “flavour” partnered with a cheap base-mix, full of filler ingredients, which due to flawed Amino acid profiles have virtually no digestibility or nutritional value, simply made to exploit profits, it is not the Aquatik way.

While Carp are omnivorous fish, able to digest carbohydrates, it is Protein that is the preferred energy supply, it is Protein that provides the main source of attraction by the way of free form Amino acids. The Aquatik way is to combine carefully chosen ingredients to construct high protein base-mixes with the most stimulatory Amino profiles. It is from these base-mixes with the addition of protease enzymes that we produce our hydrolysates. It is these hydrolysates combined with the palatability of our profiles that make them so irresistible.

While we appreciate that they are not the cheapest baits on the market, premium quality never is. Quality protein sources, especially those derived from Milks are expensive. Add the fact we use over a kilo of ingredients to produce each kilo of product, the labour intensive nature of their manufacture, and continual research and development, we wholeheartedly believe that due to their no compromise, effectiveness, they offer real value for money.