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It’s what’s inside that counts

…And the complete range of Aquatik fishing baits & feeds contain more than just high-quality ingredients and in-house produced base mix hydrolysates, they are packed with 45 years Angling experience and over three decades of study and research. The result of this is a range of no compromise baits crammed with innovation, with increased effectiveness and convenience.

A range of products that as well as being totally unique and offering various new options, surpass the boundaries of a stagnated boilie market. Equally at home whether used for a long-term baiting campaign or a short afternoon session, the high percentage of soluble attraction from our carefully constructed Amino acid profiles make them easily detectable and extremely palatable.

Aquatik baits and feeds: made of better stuff, after all, it’s what’s inside that counts.

The Product Range

Fishing Bait, Boilies, Hookbaits & More


While they are a High nutritional value food source with high digestibility supplying a full range of required nutrients, we have not forgotten THIS IS BAIT! Palatability and attractor profile have been our main objective. It is no good having a food that fish do not want to eat once they enter your swim. Sometimes to make something more attractive it is simply a case of taking away what is deterrent.

There are NO cheap fillers in our boilies, in fact they all contain a protein level of 40 to 60% giving a digestible protein level in excess of 35%. If you include in house hydrolysate production, we manage to fit a kilo and a half of ingredients into every kilo of bait! These hydrolysates produce high levels of soluble, natural attraction that mimics the breakdown of bait on the lake bed by bacteria such as Nitrosomonas, and Nitrobacter during the Nitrogen cycle. They emit a constant stream of the most naturally stimulatory compounds fish use to locate food. The thing the Olfactory, Gustatory and common chemical sense of fish has evolved to detect FREE FORM AMINO ACIDS.


They look and feel like boilies. They have the convenience of boilies, in fact you use them exactly the same as you would boilies, but there is no heat used in their manufacture. A higher leakage, easily digestible, food source paste bait encapsulated in a fish safe, edible, water permeable skin that allows soluble attractors to be released filling your swim, while the insoluble ingredients are retained on the hair as long as a boilie. NO BOILING means NO LOSS OF VALUABLE ATTRACTORS during manufacture, NO DENATURING OF NUTRIENTS or ENZYMES (Did we mention the skin is unaffected by Protease enzymes, allowing the manufacture of a truly active bait)

There is no disputing the effectiveness and high release of soluble attractors from paste. Now you can fish with the confidence that it will not dissolve away to nothing. Increased attraction from less bait! How is that for value? It seems a bit of a “no brainer” to us, in fact the only question we have is why would you ever want to use boilies again?


The Aquatik range of hook baits are designed to be as stimulatory attractive as possible – the most important part, the cherry on the cake. They are perfect for single presentations or ideal for isolating over a bed of bait.

They are not just over scented balls that perfume your bivvy, they contain a mixture of crystalline free form Amino acids, soluble powders and hydrolysates, combined with carefully selected “flavours”, chosen for the Carboxylic acids and their esters used in their production, not for the airborne, volatile odours they emit.

Attraction: Just because you can’t see or smell it, it doesn’t mean it is not there.


Aquarius, The water carrier! Think of it as liquid attraction cubed. Have you ever wanted to fish with highly soluble liquid hydrolysates on the hook? Well now you can!

Aquarius is a neutral based edible gel, which unlike Gelatine, is without any inherent Amino acid profile or attractive qualities. It has allowed us to create a data base by testing as many compounds as we could, both in tank AND real-life angling situations. It soon became apparent from the positive nature of the bites that we were on to a winner. While being a hookable, soft flesh like analogue, that fish prefer, it is firmer and stays on better than traditional meat. Perfect for Carp, Tench, Barbel, Chub and of course Catfish.

Due to its incredibly high leakage and the fact that it is made from nearly all liquids, there is the same amount of soluble attraction in 500g of Aquarius as in 5kg of conventional boilies! Sometimes less really is more. More high potency attraction with less available food items means your hook bait is picked up sooner.


After watching underwater footage, it soon became glaringly obvious just how efficient Carp are at separating food from nonfood items. Rigs being picked up and ejected without so much as a single bleep!

Secrete not only camouflages your rig but contains a combination of Gustatory stimulatory Amino acids and attractors that change the” taste” and feel of the hook and rig into something more edible. It fools Carp into thinking your hook is a food item, meaning it is retained further back and for longer in the oral cavity giving much more chance to take hold.

Secrete, so much more than a glug that doesn’t wash away. Simply submerge your rig into part A, followed by Part B to transform the slimy liquid into a firm gel. We have added the attractors, all you need to add is a little imagination.


The Solution is not always clear! It will however boost the effectiveness of your bait! The solution is a range of PVA friendly liquid glugs and food-based dips. Whether they are manufactured from our in house produced basemix hydrolysates or a careful blend of free form Amino acids, carboxylic acids along with classic attractors and Quaternary Ammonium salts, they have a synergistic effect and increase ionic receptor binding. The Solution range greatly increases the amount of soluble attraction, over a much larger area than bait alone.

The wide neck jar makes it easy to retrieve hook baits left to soak, or simply dunk your whole lead set up.


Ready to use, with no messy mixing or extra liquids to buy! Stix mixed saves you time, effort, mess and money. Simply push the end of your PVA tube into the mix, straight from the bag, compress for a perfect stick every time! Ideal for PVA sticks, PVA bags, and if dampened slightly turns into an extremely effective method mix or ground bait. Wet it some more and you have a Spod mix.

As it breaks down it creates a visible cloud, an ionic haze of soluble attraction that no Carp will ignore, sending easily detectable, stimulatory signals via receptors that just scream FOOD. Made using only premium quality ingredients and liquids with various buoyancies Stix Mixed ensures a trail of palatable particles rise throughout the water column, inducing an investigatory searching, snapping response leading directly to your hook bait.

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